Vintage 60s Gretsch COB Snare Round Badge BEAUTIFUL A+

Hello and thanks for visiting. I am a retired jazz drummer. I acquire cymbals and drums from fellow drummers and estates. I sell only those cymbals and drums that sound great. Here is a Gretsch 5 x 14 snare from the 1960s round badge era (model 4160) that is in remarkably beautiful condition. It was obviously meticulously cared for. Everything on this snare is original from the Gretsch factory in Brooklyn NY except for the Remo heads, which are in excellent, like new condition. The only minor flaw I see is that a couple of the original Gretsch Power 42 strand snares are a bit off kilter but this has absolutely no effect on the sound. It's a chrome over brass shell and whoever coined the phrase "that great Gretsch sound" was right on the mark with this snare. Built like a tank, it weighs about 10 pounds. The brass shell is unique in that it has that rare combination of recording quality crispness and warmth that very few snares can match. So many great jazz drummers from the 50's and 60's heyday era played this model and loved the sound it produced on recordings and in the clubs. It can be tuned in a myriad of ways (I've always preferred a high tuning) and sounds fantastic in any tuning range. The shell is mirror like gorgeous and the lightning throw off (more reliable than the microsensitive) is ultra smooth. I've played Supras,

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