Vintage 60's Texaco Jet Fuel Tanker Truck Brown Bigelow Premium Almost Near Mint

This is a Texaco Jet Fuel Tanker Truck Dealer Premium made by Brown and Bigelow with the box. The truck is from the early 1960's. In my opinion the truck is in excellent condition to near mint condition, but decide for yourself and everything is noted in the pictures.

This model is the one that was sent to dealers only and was not for sale to buy. It was the first toy truck to have the cab tilt steering. Very rare and nice collectible.

You will not find a nicer one on Ebay!

Only 3 very small imperfections on the truck. One is the side some of the chrome is rubbed off on the fire extinguishers on the side. One small paint chip on the bottom of the truck. A couple tiny spots of paint chipped off in the front of the truck by the cab.

The box says made by Brown and Bigelow. The box is in good condition. One end of the box is open and has a tear mark from looks like when there was a piece of tape on it. The end of the box was taped shut so has some of the sticky glue like from the tape left on the box. The box also has one small piece where looks like it was cut a little bit.

Everything is showed in the pictures. Excellent looking truck and hard to find in this near mint condition with a really nice condition box.

Payment is due within 48 hours of auction ending.