VINTAge 70 PAIR, CLIP Screwback EARRINGS including Haskell,LisnerCoro, FLORENZA,

I buy out storages for resale this is a 65 lot of designer earrings all but about 18-20 are signed,many beautiful rhinestones different colors,I try very hard to be honest any problems with my items please contact me,there's maybe 4 or 5 has 1-3 stones missing,there's 65 pairs in all,the long orange pair is the only newer one it's plastic not counted in the 65,all will need cleaning,all are vintage and in vintage condition,please asked questions if in doubt before bidding.Also included is one silver marked pin with gold overlay and one small pendant 14kgf with red stone 4 bracelets,one beaded bracelet,one coro and one Francois,Napier bracelet,Richellue necklace,one necklace that look like an old unsigned Mirian Haskell and 2 real pearl seed necklace.Earrings are as follow with the number of each.There's 70 pieces in all

7 pair Coro one made in England

1 pair Freirich

1 pair Zentakk

2 pair Les Bernard

2 pair Haskell

1 pair panetta

1 pair Richellue and 1 necklace

4 pair Lisner

1 pair Ellen designs

1 pair Givenchy

1 pair Florenza

1 pair Whiting&Davis

1 pair Edwin pearl

1 pair Napier+ Napier bracelet

1 pair BSK

1 pair gold filled Van Dell

1 pair Art

6 pair Trifari

2 pair Sarah Coventry

1 pair
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