Vintage 70s Fantasia Fiber Optic Chrome Lamp Light 18

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Vintage 1970s Decorative Lamp

Fantasia Fiber Optic w/Chrome Orb Base

Model 4002

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Description : This is a vintage decorative fiber optic lamp from the late 1970s. The fiber optics rotate slowly, changing colors continuously. This lamp is Model 4002. It is approximately 18" tall overall, and the chrome orb is about 8" across. This is an original lamp from that era and the base is made of a nice sturdy metal, not a cheap plastic. The electric cord has a rotating on/off switch. The original instruction sheet is included.

Condition : This lamp was purchased new by us in the late 70s or early 80s. We displayed it for a while and it was used lightly. It has been stored away in a clean, dry closet in our smoke-free home for many years. It still works beautifully and all the colors work perfectly as the fibers rotate. T are no chips or scratches. The attached pictures don't quite capture the true beauty of this lamp, as it was hard to get pictures without the flash glare. These lamps were always best displayed in an area that was a bit darker to show their true beauty. They were very well built. This lamp makes a wonderful conversation piece!!

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