Vintage 70s G&S PROLINE 300 Skateboard Trackers YoYo Wheels Sims ALVA Kryptonics

Rare 1970s G&S Proline 300 is 28" long and has classic Tracker Ful Track trucks with original NOS YoYo wheels (reissues were only screened and never made in orange) with the embossed YoYo on them. This deck is a slightly used original 70s deck which has been reclear coated. It does have the G&S logo burned into the bottom of the deck. And it did not have any cracks that were covered up, just a tiny bit of wheel bite, and only a scuff on one corner of the tail. It is not warped and was not delaminting at all, and it has new grip. This is a very rare board, not many were ever made and G&S never did end up making a reissue Proline.. Email me with any questions, sold as is..