Vintage 80s Plastic Charm Necklace 69 CHARMS RARE!

This auction is for a VINTAGE 80s PLASTIC CHARM NECKLACE with 69 charms. The plastic charms are as follows:

Pink Comb & Purple Brush Yellow Glove reads "Hello" Pink & Purple Headphones Turquoise, Pink & Brown Sewing Machine Red Boot with Pen Clear Pill Bottle with Yellow & Purple Capsules Yellow & Red Thermometer Pink, Blue & Yellow Sink Turquoise & Red Desk Lamp Red & White Thermos Seagrams 7 Bottle Hot Pink Shirt with White Tie Hot Pink Penguin with Umbrella and Pen Turquoise, Pink & White Notepad reads "I Love You" Yellow Saucer, Red Cup & Turquoise Spoon Red Notebook with White Star (real paper) Purple & White Paciphier Turquoise, Pink & Yellow Harmonica Turquoise Football Cookie/Cracker reads "Custaro Taifooc Crean" Red Scale with White Footprints Purple Baby Grand Piano Red Pencil Clear Baby Bottle with Turquoise Lid Red, Yellow & Blue Cat (?) with Googly Eyes Yellow Toothpaste Tube Sunkist Orange Juice Carton Hot Pink, Turquoise & Yellow Telephone Red & White Toilet Hot Pink & Turquoise Faucet Yellow & White Movie Camera 7Up Bottle White Bicycle Turquoise Tennis Racket with Red, White & Yellow Stars Turquoise Umbrella Multi-Colored Abacus Yellow Pencil Box with 2 Removable Pencils Turquoise "H" Initial Orange Baseball Bat & White Baseball White
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