VINTAGE 925 SILVER GARNET AND MARCASITE RING This is truly a gorgeous piece, with natural Garnet and marcasites on a solid silver shank. Over 30 brilliant cut garnets with 18 complimentary marcasites surrounding this beautiful design. Has a wonderful unique look, stamped 925 on the back of the ring. Not too sure of the exact size but i would say it is medium - can be altered I have taken many photos of this feature to show you every detail.

I am selling a number of jewellery items from my grandma's estate. I have put as much information as i can from the whereabouts, age (new or old) etc of each item from information on the box and my family's memory.

My grandma was well travelled and had great pleasure collecting jewellery from all around the world as you will see by the mixed selection of jewels offered for sale in my other listings.

I do not profess to be an expert on the items I sell, I do however describe them as accurately as possible, but you must expect some wear and tear from years of loving, if there are any major faults they will be listed.

If you know something about an item that I have merely given an estimate to and would like to impart your knowledge, I'm open to your generosity and the knowledge would be gratefully received.

Please don't be put off by the low start prices, this
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