Vintage Acoustic Research AR-2 ax Stereo Speakers

Vintage Acoustic Research AR-2 ax

This auction is for a pair of Vintage Acoustic Research AR-2 ax Stereo Speakers that are in GOOD Condition. One of the speakers woofers appears to be replaced with another type of woofer, and that woofer will need to be refoamed. I'm not sure if it is a AR woofer or not. All other speaker appears in both boxes appear to be the original Acoustic Research: midrange, tweeter and original AR-2 ax woofer. All other speakers play well and sound great! The only issue is with the one woofer that needs to be refoamed with a new surround. The cabinets look great with minimal marks from use.

Even though the one speaker woofer needs to be refoamed both play and sound great. I am selling these AS-IS. Please email me question and I will be glad to answer. I will be shipping these using FedEX. They are heavy and I will do my best to pack them very well. I have shipped many items like this, so please rest assured they will arrive too you safely. Thanks, and God Bless!

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Shipping in the USA is $99.95