Vintage Adjustable Wood Drying Rack Umbrella Display Laundry Herbs Dying Candle

Artimoore Company of Milwaukee made free-standing umbrella style drying rack- incredibly versatile design: would make itself useful as a display rack for hanging items in a shop; at home being used to dry laundry or display collectibles; or in the studio for drying herbs, hang up dyed textiles/yarns or candle-making, etc- maybe you have something else in mind! Is complete and has all 12 arms and the legs that form the tripod to make the taller free-standing version at 41"H. Arms/dowels are each 24" long and can be positioned out for use or collapsed and out of the way. Put out only as many arms as you need, where you'd like them to be. If the arms are all extended it has a diameter of 50.25"W. Can collapse the tripod for a shorter, tabletop version as shown, at a height of 26". Could always fasten it to a stable or sandbag it if you want it to be less permanent. The dowel ends are rounded and they seem to be made of something better than pine and have a retaining ring to keep it from slipping out of the hub. Missing a few retaining rings (2 or 3?) but you can flip them around for use in the extended position no problem. Whole thing folds into itself to make a round bundle measuring roughly 26"H x 8"W. Smart design! Check out my other antiques and collectible at harrvesel_0 Thank for looking!