Offered for bid is this lot of vintage sewing needle cards. Described as follows:

FOOD FAIR is in good condition with one dog earred corner and many needles missing.

BLUE BIRD NEEDLES ALL NICKEL PLATED has needles missing and not in good conditon

GRAND UNION SUPERMARKETS SAVE CASH AND STAMPS has needles missing and a small tear on side

ROCKET SILVER AND GOLD EYE has tear on the top and is not in good condition. Most of the needles are included and also a needle threader marked JAPAN.

RICHBARRY BRAND NEEDLE BOOK in fair condition has the black paper inside to hold the needles and t are some wrapped in foil.`

ESSO is in fair condition with needle marks and one torn end. It contains some needles and threader marked JAPAN

2 - A & P both in good condition, both contain needle threader marked GERMANY and some needles

2 - SINGER They look almost the same but the brown colored one is marked C.1160 and the white one C 963. Both have some needles

Green edged with tape measure and shirt on the front is a PRUDENTIAL advertising needle book with threader marked W.GERMANY and some needles. It is in good condition.

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