Vintage AGE OF INNOCENCE Framed Print Girl-Reynolds

Up for auction is a vintage, framed with glass, antique print titled Age of Innocence, by Sir Joshua Reynolds. Including the frame, it measures 21 3/4 inches high and 17 3/4 inches wide. The subject matter features a little, barefoot girl, sitting outside by what looks like some birch trees. It appears that it's probably either early morning or evening. Unfortunately, whoever framed this print decided to cut the corners off to make it fit in the frame. The only thing written on the print, that I can find, is ENCE. This is in the lower, left corner and is a portion of the last word in the title. If you look closely at photo #7, you'll see a dead spider. Sorry, but it must come with the print. It's underneath the glass and I don't want to take the backing off of the frame. The frame itself looks like it came from the same time period as the print. It's made out of wood and painted gold and green. Photo #9 shows the wire hanger on the back. Overall, this lovely print and frame are in excellent condition. I apologize for the poor quality of the photo's. No matter what angle I tried to photograph from, I still got reflections.
If you have any questions, please email me and I will try to get back to you the same day. PLEASE NOTE: With larger objects, I sometimes miscalculate the shipping costs. I don't make money off of my shipping.
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