Vintage Airfix HO/OO scale American Civil War Soldiers.

On offer is a representation of the Union 2nd Division of the 3rd Corps as it appeared at Gettysburg in 1863. There are 19 infantry regiments, each between 18 & 21 men, one cavalry regiment of 15 men (conversions from the artillery set) 5 artillery pieces, some converted to breech loaders) with limbers and crews (some metal figures here.) There are also 6 mounted figures representing the brigade commands, 2 foot figures representing the divisional command and 1 mounted and 2 foot figures representing the Corps command. An approximate total of 440 figures and 5 guns and limbers. The main photograph covers the whole command and the close up represents (from left to right) : front row, 2 Michigan cavalry, 3 infantry, artillery showing 2 converted guns. back row : Brigade command, Division command, Corps command. All figures are painted (some artillery crews only partially) and most are gloss covered. There is some paint flaking and some figures have come off their cardboard bases. Regiments are named under their bases. Please look carefully at the photograph before bidding. I will wrap well for postage. I combine postage for multiple purchases. Please look at other items I have on offer. Please contact for more information. PLASTIC BOXES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE.