This interesting item is a vintage photograph album featuring pictures of a journey down the Suez Canal to (I guess) Sri Lanka. Much of the history of this item must be worked out or guessed from examining the images - that it features a journey along the Suez Canal seems pretty clear. It also looks as though this journey was on a small naval vessel - there are pictures of small groups of men dressed in casual tropical uniforms and of military-style tent accomodation. There are also several pictures of what seems to be a small torpedo-boat. Towards the end there are photographs of elephants and what seem to be tea-pickers - it could, of course be India as well as Sri Lanka. I also guess it dates from the Thirties, just pre-war. The album measures 10" by 7" and is 36 pages in length - not all the pages are filled. It contains 64 photographs. It is in, as can be seen, great condition - there are some marks to the buff cover of the album and a tear to the top of the spine. It has clearly been well stored for many years and the photographs are in great condition throughout, bright, clean and glossy.
This would be a great addition to any collection of vintage photographs or naval memorabilia. It would also be of interest to anyone who, perhaps, wanted to take some time examining the photographs and working out the locations, the route
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