Vintage American Flyer 900 HOBO Special Action Car..One of 4 RESERVE PRICE 2950

UP for auction is an original vintage 900 HOBO Special action car...This is one of 4 original HOBO cars. It was described in a feature article of S Gaugian Magazine in the July/Aug 2011 Edition (page 16) written by Bob Bernard. Mr. Bernard was related to Maury Roemer who worked for the A.C, Gilbert company for many many years in charge of the service dept/engineer of the train line/and sales promotional manager....This cars condition is as new and works as intended (has only been test ran)..The black HoBo sticks his head out of the ice check/loading door perioditcally to check things out. This car has all non electrical parts and was made with the intention of a lot of action at a low cost to customers..G Monoco was the manufactur of this car but never made the body.(for more info read pic 8).....I have the original copies of all the paper work as seen in pic 7.....Wayne Biberstein was commisioned to make the bodies for this car. He used original gilbert paint (that matches the colors of the 910 gilbert chemicals tank car) He made an original one for Mr Bernards father, one for Mr Bernard and his brother and one for himself..

This car for auction is the one that Wayne made and owned.

If you want to own a part of the gilbert history this piece is for you!!! I feel it rates in the same catagory as original prototype
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