Vintage American Indian Original Painting on Board

I have 3 of these vintage paintings which I purchased as part of a box lot of Western prints, paintings and cachinas and which I am listing on Ebay. I believe they are either oil on board or acrylic. I believe they are from the 40s or 50s because the other items all are from the same period and because the boards have some age to them. They all measure 10" by 14" and were not framed. All 3 are signed "Wo-Peen?". Since I am not familiar with the symbolism depicted on the paintings I have to relie on the pencilled information on the back of each board. This one is marked "Sun Buffalo Dancer (Man)". I know very little other than information I have provided, please feel free to email any questions you may have.

NOTE: I have been advised by a fellow Ebayer that the artist "Wo-Peen" is a well known American Indian artist and highly collectable. Please do your own research I do not have the time to further investigate. And please do not ask for a Buy it Know price. Thank you for viewing my listings.