Vintage American Made Cast Horns W Atlas SA-422 Drivers

Offered at auction are a beautifully matched pair of classic very high quality American made cast aluminum alloy speaker horns and equally rare Atlas Model SA-422 compression drivers in perfect working condition. It is my understanding that these exceptionally well crafted horn designs were authorized / franchised by Altec Lansing, and made in America to be sold to such manufacturers as Kustom and Cerwin Vega to be used in their professional and theater loudspeaker systems. These horns are virtually identical to Altec 811 B sectoral horns, such as those used in classic VOTT Voice of the Theater enclosures, but allow the use of any standard threaded compression driver to be mounted to the throat without the use of adapters. Surprisingly, these models actually have a more refined overall build quality than many of the Altec models of that era, with much more exact and seamless weld lines, and smoother overall casting finish. These horns measure approximately 19" wide, 9" high, and measure 9" from the driver mounting plane to the back of the rectangular front surface (12 1/2" to the outer flare of the horn). Having this very similar size and identical performance specifications to the 811B design, plus the advantage of allowing the use of drivers such as Electro-Voice, Cerwin Vega, University, and of course Atlas, make these a very ... read more