Vintage Analog Synth AKAI AX60 arpeggio programmable

This is an absolutely amazing true analog polyphonic programmable synth made by Akai in the 1980s. This thing is a serious axe and has some of the best bass I've ever heard. You can seriously blow doors off with it. The programmability is really sweet. You have a bunch of hands on faders to manipulate then to save your settings you simply push save then select a location. T's no reason to pay outrageous prices for and analog modeling synth, or for a Moog or Juno when you could get this at a fraction of the cost. Believe me, this thing easily stands up to those other synths and some would say beats them. I cleaned out all of the electronics and fully tested the item. It works perfectly. The only issue is that some of the fader caps are missing, this does not effect the functionality of them though.

Vintage synth explorer says this:

The AX-60 is among some of the last true analog polysynths of the mid-eighties. It was Akai's answer to the hugely successful Roland Juno series and Yamaha's new digital DX-series. The AX-60 is a programmable six-voice synth with a nice LFO, lowpass VCF filter, envelope sections, and more. An eight-voice version, the AX-80 , was already available.

Programming this synth is easy using dedicated sliders, knobs and/or buttons for its parameters. It also has a useful noise generator
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