Vintage Antique Blackhawk 151 Drain Plug Wrench 1940s

Great old wrench from I think 1943 according to the articlle I found on it.. This wrench turns freely and seems to be in decent condition..This is some of what the article says about this wrench

Blackhawk offered insted of a wrench with multiple fixed openings, they created a drain-plug wrench with multiple adjustable openings. In this way the wrench would serve not only for the sizes in use today, but for whatever sizes were produced. The result was the model 151 drain plug wrench.. This wrench offered 4 head positions designed to handle a wide range of square plugs, both male and female plus one broaching to handle a male hex plug. In operation the knurled collar is turned to adjust the chosen opening for a particular plug. The old catalog specified the operational size ranges as 3/16 to 1 1/4 inch for male square plugs, 5/16 to 1 inch for female square plugs, and 7/16 tp 1 1/2 inch for male hex plugs. The handle of the wrench has raised ribs along the axis, a style used in the early 1940s ..

This wrench has the number 151 and the name Blackhawk made in USA and a number 3 which the web sight says is 1943..

If you have questions or need more photos please ask. payment within 7 days of end of auction please..