Vintage Antique Brass Telescope Spyglass

This auction is for a Vintage Antique rass Telescope, Spyglass. It has 3 sections. and is about 6 1/4" closed, about 1" across the eyepiece, and about 1 3/8" across the other end. I do not know the exact age of this piece, or the maker, I do not see a mark on it. Condition is Very Nice, It has a small ding in the outside and it needs cleaned and polished. I purchased it from an estate auction.

PLEASE READ THE QUESTIONS, I WAS TOLD THAT THIS MAY BE MISSING SOMETHING?? I only have what is pictured, I am not an expert, and do not know if this is all the parts, that they came with. This is how I bought it at an estate auction. The only other things in the box, were Very Large Brass Pieces with a lense on the end, and looks to be PARTS of a Large Telescope?? or periscope, I am not sure??? I actually was told that the box was old military?? If you would like to pay the extra shipping and handling I will include the other pieces I have, but they do not fit on this piece. What is in the picture is how I puchased this,

I have included extra pictures of the other pieces I got in the box, If you want all the extras, and will pay the extra shipping, These other pieces will be included. They can all fit in a flat rate box, and shipping would be $11.00 flat rate including insurance for the US. Shipping weight will be 4-5 pounds
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