Thank You for looking at this item!!

Up for auction is a beautiful Capodimonte lamp shade!!

This shade is gorgeous with a flower pattern woven in the off-white silk fabric. I hope you can see this in one of the photos.

T is another plain silk lining underneath, or rather on the inside of the shade.

T is a pale pink roping with gold threading interwoven throughout, that loops around the bottom edge, the top edge and is braided around the top middle.

T is 3 inches of fringe around the bottom.

This shade is 20 inches tall, 23 inches across the bottom, 10 inches across the top, approx 8 inches across the area w it is curved in, and the area that connects to the lamp harp is about 7 inches from the top.

Now for the defects...AS WITH ANY VINTAGE OR ANTIQUE ITEM, UNLESS THEY ARE A MUSEUM PIECE OR KEPT IN A BOX UNUSED, T ARE GOING TO BE SIGNS OF USE!! T are a couple of small rips in the underside of the shade, but it does NOT take away any of the beauty of the shade!! If you would prefer to not have any tears, you MIGHT be able to have the underside relined, but I would not know w to refer you to. Sorry!!Another quick solution would be to just cut the kining out. Also t is a couple of areas w t is ONE piece of fringe missing. This is NOT noticeable, and it seemed like the more I played with it

I have 2 shades exactly alike, and am listing them separately.

I originally listed these with the lamps, but received so many messages requesting to buy the shades that I decided to sell them separately.

I am pricing shipping kind of high, as the box that I would need to ship this shade in would probably weigh more than the shade itself. If t is any money left over I will refund you the difference. If it is higher, I will pay the difference.


Please check my other items. I have a ton of antique and vintage items, and just really cool items that I will be listing. I just need to find the time to list them all. So PLEASE save me as a favorite seller, and check back often, and you may find just the thing you were looking for, or something you didn't know you wanted until you saw it!! LOL!! THANK YOU & HAPPY BIDDING !!!

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