Vintage/Antique Desk w/Glass Top & Lamp

Pricing & History

You are looking at a 1940's wooden desk in good condition. It is a dark wood, possibly cherry. Desk is 45 1/2" long by 23" wide by 30" high. Contains nine drawers; 4 on each side, one in the middle. Desk is covered with a glass top; the felt protection pads between the top of the desk and the glass have disintegrated and paper was put between the glass and the wood; however, t is some wear on the wood. The drawer bottoms are covered in contact paper. I cannot find a manufacturer name on the desk.

I will include the lamp and chair shown in the pictures. The lamp also has no name; it consists of a wood base with a metal shade, on-off buttons and uses a neon light which works. The chair is made of wood; t was a filigree piece on the back which broke off; my mother made a velvet covering for the chair similar to the chair pad, which is also steel grey/blue velvet. The seat is in good condition.

This is a pickup only item. It is a heavy desk, and would cost too much to ship. Please bring a helper! We are located at the northernmost part of Chicago, Illinois. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me; I will try to answer them. Thank you for looking!