Vintage/Antique DOUBLE Brass Horn w/Rubber BULB Automobile HORN SeeMy10Pictures

Hi Folks..:)..Thanks for taking a look at one of My Auctions..:) I have what I THINK is an OLD Double Horn with Rubber Bulb AUTOMOBILE Horn, for Auction. Please see the 10 Pictures BELOW.
As you can Already tell, I'm not even Positive about this BEING an Auto Horn, Knowing Next to Nothing about Auto Parts, However, I can't imagine what ELSE it would Be??? The Only Markings I find anywhere is the "14" on the end of the Bulb, if THAT'S Any kind of Clue? The Bulb Comes off the Brass Fairly Easily. Therefore, I Don't Know if when you put it on, you're supposed to go beyond that Raised Rib you see in the Pictrues with the Bulb Removed and that Might affect how this Currently Works, and I'm not going to Force it over that "Rib"..:) As it IS...If I just Blow into the Brass Part, Both Horns work Just as they're supposed to Making a "Double Horn" Sound. If I just squeeze the Bulb, it has Barely enough "Ommph" to make one horn Weakly Go, but MIGHT Work better if it was Over the Rib, IF It's supposed to be?? Obviously, the Bulb is old and Tired. However, There are No Holes or Cracks and Maybe there's a Way to bring the Rubber Back as least enough to totally round it out for Display??? This is Where all you Experts Come in..:)...I don't see any Dings or Dents in the Brass and other than Maybe needing some Cleaning, it looks like a Nice Example
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