Old Vintage Antique J.G. Leeb Violin EXC Playing Cond.

Offered is an antique 4/4 violin by Johann Georg Leeb II, 1817, in playing condition.

Printed label reads:

Joannes Georgius Leeb

fecit Posonii. 1817

Born 1740. Worked at Pressburg until 1810. Much occupied, and recognised as one of the best Hungarian makers of his day. Early specimens somewhat partake of Stainer traits. Others of medium arching closely adhering to the Amati. Some also in the style of J. G. Thir. In every instance he introduced individuality though very slight. Plumpness of scroll always noticeable. Belly wood of good acoustical properties, backs and ribs mostly of unflamed material. Reddish-brown varnish thinly applied. Tonal quality seldom very mellow nor particularly brilliant, but of an agreeable sonority. £25 (1925).
Johann Georg Leeb
in Pressburg, Anno 1788

Born 1779. Worked at Pressburg. Died 1817. Son and successor of the preceding. Generally Amatese modelling, but also some very flat and broad. Dark and light-brown shades of varnish. Scrolls also strikingly plump. £20 (1925). Very industrious, made a very large number of instruments. £70, 1960.
Joannes Georgius Leeb
fecit Posonii. 1813

Dimensions (all approx.):

OL: 23-1
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