Vintage/Antique Jewish Woman Doll Israel Hebrew Stamp

Vintage/Antique Jewish Woman Doll Israel Hebrew Stamp


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This little doll is a real treasure! It is a small, measuring just under 5 inches in her seated position. It is a beautiful Jewish woman seated on her 3 legged wooden stool, embroidering a floral motif onto a piece of red satin -type fabric. Unbelieveably detailed, she actually holds a wire that looks like a needle , and falling from the needle is a length of blue thread , which is attached to the blue stitching partially surrounding the flower she is currently working on.

Over her black thread hair she wears a bright yellow scarf , which I believe is called a Tiechel, that coordinates with the yellow in her tunic of m an y c ol or s. She is wearing green slacks with red , blue and yellow embroidery at the cuffs, which also pick up the colors of her beautiful tunic. She wears a 2-strand silvery beaded necklace around her neck, set off by the warm color of her skin that holds just a touch of rosy color in them. Beneath her right arm, she has a little blue satchel that hides a little surprise...a stamp of her homeland, Israel . This is an authentic postage stamp that even has a postmark on it. In Hebrew, across the top is the word Israel. In addition, hangning from her left wrist is the original t ag

The doll's face , hands and feet are made, I believe, of some type of molded composition material. These extremities are attached to a stuffed fabric body that contains wiring so as to allow it to be somewhat posable. She is really in quite lovely condition with a little fading of her slacks and a little fraying of the edges of the fabric on which she is stitching.

I have taken the best photos I can so you can see for yourself how absolutely lovely this little woman is. You will not want to miss out on adding her beauty to your collection.

I've several of these treasures from yester-year to put up for auction/sale. I recently acquired them from the estate of an elderly woman who never married, but collected many things. Some are plastic, some are vinyl, some are cloth, some (I belive) are composition and some bisque or porcelain(...I don't know the t one? Bisque~matte...porcelain~shiny?). T may be other materials in t, but I'm not sure. What you're reading now is a general description that will appear on all listings. Please see the above description for more specific information on the pictured item(s). If you've read this in a previous listing, please feel free to skip it! :o)

I know absolutely NOTHING about antique or vintage dolls. I've done a little bit of research (that's how I know t's something called composition and what it kind of looks like), but that's only for very basic descriptive abilities. I HAVE, however, taken the very best pictures I could...please refer to those for the best description of what this auction is offering.

Please refer to the photograhs for a REAL close look {don't forget to them :o) }.

Thank you for checking out my Auction. Happy Bidding!

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