Vintage Antique Make up LOCKET Mirror Powder Puff RARE

I am listing these items for a family friend. T will be more coming as I have time to list them.

This is a RARE find. Unique. Very pretty. It is a locket that opens up to reveal a compartment to place powder into. The dial inside turns to open so that the powder can sprinkle out. THe other flap contains a flip out mirror and a blush rouge make up (original still in place) as well as the dainty adorable little applicator to apply the rouge with. ALL ORIGINAL. THe only markings I can fins are PATENT PENDING. T is a marking on the mirror edge that appears to read RAGCO. BUt I am not certain that is the lettering correctly. When the mirror is flipped inside, closed, t is engraved spiral designs on the cover. Everything is in perfect, original working order. THe outside has hand painted roses and flowers in the center.

My apologies, it is hard to get a decent photo of this! It appears to be silver outside with inlaid colors. The inside appears gold with the shaker part for powder being silver. Again, not any markings to determine the exact make up of this stunningly rare item. THe mirror is FINE. In the photo, t is powder on it! Sorry for not noticing I needed to blow that off for the photo! The rouge is intact and what you see is the original silver foil covering it peeled back. It is not broken rouge!

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