Hello friend, today I am putting a lot ofmy buttons on so please have a look around my shop w you can find the unusual and the strange and the gorgeous. we have a lot of moonglow buttons I have left the photos very very large so you can really get what these lovely buttons look like, t is a few that have some garish chips , but for the most part I would say these are very nice buttons. Please look carefully and check out my button guarantee at the bottom of the page.
T is 68 fabuloso buttons.
I have not cherry picked these buttons meaning they come right off the string my grandma tied. I'm selling for hockey reasons, my children love hockey, and love to play, and it is expensive!!!!
The first picture is all the buttons you will recieve the reset of the photos are close ups of these buttons.
t is a lot of lines on the shanks I do not know if this is a manufacturing item or a defect.
~* thedollbasket button 100% money back guarantee *~
vintage buttons are very subjective - my gorgeous might be your mediocre, or vice versa,
my 100% money back guarantee is for button purchases only ,
it is the total plus original shipping price, I cannot pay the return shipping cost,
and this is ship at your own risk,
I returned a item recently to Q _C and I had to pay the return shipping,
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