Vintage Antique Oak Wood Office Chair Swivel Spring Back Steel Wheels Secretary

This auction is for an office secretary's chair made of oak from an unknown maker in good to very good condition. It stands 31 inches tall with the back in it's lowest position, and is 32 1/2 tall fully raised. There is no identifying mark on this chair anywhere that I can see except for a metal plate on the rear of the seat with the number 65715 stamped into it. The seat looks like it was carved out of one solid piece of oak, and measures 22 inches deep and 20 inches across. The wheels that were on it when I got it were broken and not the original ones (clear acrylic), so I replaced them with steel casters that were from the same era. At the top of the back you'll notice in the last pic above is some blue paint splashes and a chip taken off by the right side upper support, and those are the only visible flaws I can see. I did wipe the entire piece down with some Murphy's Oil Soap to restore some of the wood's luster. Please see the pics above. Payment is due within 2 days after the auction ends. This item will be shipped within 2 days later. Because of the weight of 35 lbs, I will offer local picup, USPS Standard shipping or UPS shipping, and that'll be the buyer's choice. The shipping fee I'm listing for the sake of this auction will be for USPS standard. I will not combine this chair with any of my other auctions. I do not

7/11/13 - I was asked to upload a pic of the seat, so here it is. Sorry I didn't think of putting it up earlier.

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