Hello hello Radio King fans. Some older woman gave me this Radio King drum, along with another (check my other items this week to see it.) I researched the possible date it was sold and it appears that this drum type was sold before WWII. It could be as far back as the 1930's. Any help would be appreciated and posted on that timeline. I will do my best describe what the drum is all about and it's corresponding pictures.

The drum is 8/12" inches tall from the bottom rim to the top rim. It is 14" across the diameter. The drum appears to be in fair shape but maybe it would be considered decent shape for it's age (?) The snare controller was modified with what appears to be some shoestring. It is rather rusty, as are many of the metal parts on this drum. I tried to give you an overall view of all the sides of the drum. You can pretty much assume that all the metal parts are rusty including the lug screws. You can read the badge if you look closely. The snare itself is missing the connecting cord on one side and the other side has that shoestring setup I mentioned earlier. The bottom rim is a bit wavy at some points. The top rim looks pretty good though. You can see the Radio King stamp or is it engraved??

Some of the lugs are being pulled away from the shell. I'm not sure what ply or type of wood this drum is made of.
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