Vintage Antique SKELETON KEY KEYS Briggs Rockford B&E

Bad photos, but lots of keys!! 22 in all, 17 are SKELETON, with 1 barrel key and 5 others are like normal old keys, 2 BRIGGS STRATTON, a YALE JUNIOR, a STERLING MFG., and one unmarked. Of the SKELETON keys, 6 are all marked R & E MFG, CO. on one side and SOLID STEEL on the other. 4 tiny ones on tags all say ROCKFORD NATIONAL LOCK CO, ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS I don't see anything on the others. Believe me, they won't be as rusty as you think, my flash was off and everything looked yellow!! Don't get me wrong, plenty of rust and t, just looks worse on the screen than in real life!! These will weigh 7 ounces to ship (2.15 US, others calculate) Thanks! This auction seller accepts auction payments from BidPay ® ! -Free for Buyers - pay using your Visa or MasterCard. Click to pay.
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