Vintage antique Turkey Red tablecloth 48" x 58

is another one of my collection that I am selling off after many years.

Antique vintage Turkey red tablecloth, in all flat finish nice quality cotton, measuring 48" x 58". It is in fair to moderately good condition considering it's age. It does have numerous small holes and one that is about 1 1/2"...they are really not very noticeable at all unless you hold the cloth up to the light. Cloth is completely reversible with colors reversed in the damask pattern. This is nonetheless a lovely cloth with a great design.

Turkey red is not so easy to find these days as it is over 100 years old and only shows up periodically. I am in the process of selling my collection of the last ten years and will be listing these tablecloths over the next several weeks.

These cloths were featured in MARTHA STEWART LIVING and I was lucky enough to have many of my cloths featured in this issue (December 2002). To know the history and care of these cloths I quote from that issue:

"Turkey red damask has the rare qulaity of appearing both homey and exotic at the same time. The deep color and elaborately woven designs that made this fabric a fashionable decorative element in Victorian parlors and dining rooms have lost none of their appeal. Although Turkey red damask is easy to recognize, it can be hard to define. Textile dealers
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