Vintage/antique white iron "JB" # 1150 gold colored jewelry box about 6 in long

Large, beautiful jewelry box or casket for you to see. The original pink lining is falling apart but the condition of the box and the gold plating is spot on! There are roses, leaves and swirls all of this box! It does show wear but it is barely noticeable. Circa 1900. It measures roughly 6 inches across and about 5.5 inches tall in the middle where two leaves are standing up. Has four legs, hinge is tight. Like I said there is some slight wear to it (patina) but just fantastic old jewelry box! Underneath is company initials of "JB" and a model # of 1150. I was always told these are circa 1900, white iron (which can be molded) and plated gold! There is some weight to this casket/box.
Great to start a collection with, add to casket/box collection, a room (or house) with that 1900 theme! Christmas is coming!