Vintage Aqua Shaded Kimono Several Lucky Symbols B044

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â+' Detail Showa Vintage Stylish Aqua Shaded Ladies' Houmongi Formal Kimono with Butterflies, Chrysanthemums and Other Lucky Plants in Circles Material Silk Entire Width
(Twice as long as " Yuki ")
â+' Detail 124.0 cm (â%^ 48.8 in.) Back Body Width
(Twice as long as " Ushirohaba ")
â+' Detail 56.0 cm (â%^ 22.0 in.) Length
(So called " Mitake ")
â+' Detail 155.0 cm (â%^ 61.0 in.) Weight
â+' Detail 850 g (â%^ 1.9 lb.) Shipping Charge
â+' Detail EMS US$ 20.50 (to US) US$ 23.70 (to Europe) SAL US$ 10.20
(to US and Europe)

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â+' Detail Good Additional
Information Texture Fine (densely woven) Background Color Shades of Aqua Technique Dyeing

This is a handsewn

This item was produced after the World War 2, in the middle of the 20th century.

Several lucky motifs such as butterfly, chrysanthemum, pines, paulownia, etc. are elaborately dyed in shades of aqua. Combination of delicate colors is splendid.

Besides (A) (B), yellowed spots similar to (C) are found in some places. The lining is somewhat yellowed. (Regarding the yellowing of silk texture, please refer to the " Detail " link above as to " Status ".) As this is an aged garment, some other superficial defects may be passed over. We appreciate your understanding it in advance.

This is a collectible item. It is a good idea to display it at your favorite place.

(As for the defects and the patterns, refer to the pictures below, please. Please click each photo and you will get the photo of original size. )

â+' Detail PAYPAL.
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Defect Figure

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