Vintage US Army ~Ft Bliss ~ Redstone Arsenal Brass Sick Book/Ledger~ Trench Art

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Great piece of history, a Brass Sick Book (Ledger) from the 9330th Technical Service Unit (T.S.U.). This unit was established for military support for the building of the first V2 rocket in the US, which was the start of NASA. This unit was a very important part of United States history. If you collect NASA, Ordnance, or World War II, you need this piece. Has an exploding bomb on front with the unit name. In the inside has a clamp to hold slips of paper. Looks like it is homemade, so it could be called trench art. With all the brass armament there it was possible made out of some of it,was so plentiful. Here is a little history Redstone .

October 3, 1945 U.S. Army Ordnance Corps activates "Research and Development Sub-Office Rocket," with 9330th Technical Service Unit as military support organization, in Fort Bliss, Texas, under the command of Major James P. Hamill.

31 October 50 Ordnance Corps General Order No. 5-50 officially redesignated the 9330 Technical Service Unit (TSU), Research & Development Sub-office (Rocket), Fort Bliss, Texas, as the 9330 TSU, Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, Alabama, effective this date. The same general orders discontinued the 9362 TSU, Redstone Arsenal, and all personnel & equipment assigned to the unit were transferred to the 9330 TSU .

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