vintage arrow rubber & plastic corp Edward Mobley co 1960 squeak toy rabbit top

the item for sale is in the first picture. It will be the one I describe. If the condition looks off (or the last picture looks different..its not included)..or like it belongs to another is because the Turbo Lister I use sometimes malfunctions. If you would like to guess that you get more than the main item described..that does not mean you will get it. Ask questions, don't assume. There are glitches all the time.

1 out of 5 people don't pay now. an unpaid bidder notice goes out automatically in 8 days unless you contact me to cancel it. (just keep me informed)

4 of my kids and I are dad and 5 more uncles are brother..nephew ******************************************** ***************** . more toys from the 50's to 60's toy box that I opened after being closed in storage since the 60's as far as I can figure a great loud long squeak! great to and hard to find 5 1/2" tall X 5 1/4 wide could be some small amount of water from cleaning still inside make sure you read conditions and item description on all auctions before you bid free free for you but not for cannot return unless you want to pay the shipping there and back, unless I have made a huge mistake (then of course I pay both ways) be sure you want it no changing your mind unless you pay return shipping
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