This auction is for a beautiful art deco ceiling light fixture. It has 4 cast aluminum arms coming out from each side. The arms measure approx 17" to 18" across. The center is made of some kind of brass colored metal and on the bottom it is very decorative and even has a little decorative drop that hangs down from the center. It is 17 1/2" from the ceiling cover to top of the lamp. T is a cord coming out from the top with a plug on the end. T are 4 white and gold glass shades in a greek type pattern, I don't know if they are original to the lamp or not but they came with it when I bought it and they look pretty good, too. This lamp is in excellent working condition. It's very decorative and in amazing condition. Between the ceiling cover and the light itself is a decorative cast aluminum centerpiece with leaves on it. The arms also have the leaves on them, too. The light fittings have 3 screws on each one w you can put your shades in and they are all present. Wonderful light fixture with lots of old character. It also has a patent date on the tube part going up to the ceiling cover of 1926. It's in very good condition and it is in working condition, too. Only damage I seen anyw is a couple of minor pings on the ceiling cover. I didn't clean it up and t is still some dust on it. It looks good as it is but would probably look much ... read more