Vintage Art Deco Art Nouveau Lady Desk Accessory Letter Holder Desk Rack

Antique letter holder. Art Deco - Art Nouveau - Arts and Crafts . To go with your desk accessories, old inkwell, fountain pens, etc. Very large, Very heavy. Gorgeous! A piece of art. Art Nouveau lady with upswept hair, flowing gown, slender arms resting on the letter holder like a fence. The lady is made of metal. The patina and wear says "I'm an antique". Still a beauty. Her face, upper body and arms are more of a bronze/brownish color, the dress more of a brass shade. Just enough differencw to enhance the beauty.

Letter holder / desk rack probably dates between 1890-1910. The pose and flowing dress is stunning. It is BIG. Measures 8 inches wide, 9 inches tall and 6 3/4" deep. It has 2 sections. One for outgoing mail, the other for incoming. And it is HEAVY, weighs 6 lbs 4 ozs. Will never tip over! The is a number on the bottom. GGO8/9. I am not sure if the O is a zero or the letter O.

The 2 dividers are thick and have a raised Art Deco / Art Nouveau pattern on each side. The pattern around the edge is smooth and shiny and looks like it is plated. The background is textured with a dull flat finish with a hint of green (to me anyway).

As to the metals used. The lady a magnet DOES NOT stick to it, the rest of the latter holder the magnet DOES stick.

Letter holder will look so lovely on a big antique
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