Vintage Art Deco Bronze Signed Sculpture Fairy Fairie

French Art Deco Signed Sculpture

This auction is for:
A vintage bronze or spelter sculpture called "Girl With Wings" in very good condition. The sculpture has the artists signature on the top of the sculptures base right behind the lilly pad that the "girl with wings" is standing on. I am not an expert in bronze or spelter works and I have not consulted a professional for an appraisal but I have been collecting, and selling various antiques and collectibles for nearly 30 years. I believe this sculpture to have significant age to it.

After posting this auction and receiving several emails and questions I felt it important to be as accurate as I can be and tell you that a few interested potential bidders with more expertise in sculptures have suggested it is possible that this could be a spelter sculpture with bronze finish or spelter with paint since its finish is so rich and dark. In any case she is very unique and beautiful so look at the pictures ask me questions and decide for yourself.

This sculpture has only been in my possession for a few days but I am already feeling the effects of her innocent yet somehow mischievous charms. I know that if I don't sell it right away I probably never will. I am confident that whether you collect fantasy and fairy related collectibles or your a collector of bronze sculptures

This sculpture depicts a very beautiful girl with wings that looks like a fairy or a sprite of some kind. She is standing on her tip toes on top of a lilly pad surrounded by a few flowers and she is leaning forward gently holding a cupped leaf as if to be catching some water. She is beautifully sculpted with details in her eyes, fingers, toes, her wings and even the veins in the leaf and the lilly pad. Though mostly un-clothed, she is tastefully wrapped and "covered" in a delicate flowing sash or slip. It is a very unique piece and it is hard to find such a large vintage sculpture with this type of mystical / fairy composition.

The sculpture stands 14 & 1/2" inches at the tip of her wings(including the marble base).
I don't have a scale but I guess this sculpture weighs about 10 pounds or more.

This sculpture has a very unique dark patina that looks almost black. This sculpture is in very nice shape and still has great eye appeal. It has only a few, very minor age related signs of wear you would expect from a very old piece.

I have had this sculpture sitting in the center of my dinning room glass table and it looks so great. It would be a great center piece for any table or large piece of furniture. Perhaps even in a window near some of your favorite house plants.

As with all my vintage collectibles this sculpture comes complete with vintage dust at no extra charge. I will leave any care or cleaning up to the buyer as I admit that I do not know the proper technique for cleaning bronze.

I recently purchased this sculpture from an estate sale full of high quality paintings, prints, advertisements and sculptures from the mid to late 1800's. Judging from the quality of the items in the estate sale and the number of dealers bidding against me for this fine sculpture, I do not think it is a reproduction, however if it is I believe it to have considerable age to it. I have done some research and learned that even a modern reproduction of this sculpture can sell for as much as $500 to $800 dollars.

I strongly encourage all potential bidders to ask me as many questions as they would like. Request more images of different angles or features if you need to. You should do some research of your own as well.

The pictures were taken outside in natural light and with no flash to show you the quality and luster of her beautiful dark patina.

I am going to start this item off with a very reasonable opening bid and as with all my listings, t will be no reserve. I hope you have fun with it. Please be sure to read some of the feedback my buyers have left for me an...
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