Vintage Art Deco Men's Intaglio/Cameo Ring Double Spartan Tiger's Eye 10K 9.3g

This is an estate find. This is a large masculine ring with distinct art deco styling. Often I see these pieces and only the sides are done. Details demonstrate quality in jewelry because they represent time by the craftsman. This one has a line and column detail all the way the around to really make the stone stand out.

Also, this is a double impression- there are two warriors on the stone, not just one. Maybe this was made for a man with two sons, or two brothers, and he wished to honor them both. He could have who he loved close at hand on one ring.

The ring is marked 10K on one side and Bliss on the other. I searched for the Bliss brand and tragically it appears to have been lost to antiquity. If you know anything about the company, let me know and I will update the listing.

The stone is Tiger's Eye. On the Moh's hardness scale (rates hardness of gems) Tiger's eye is a 5.5 - 6. Modern day titanium is a 6 so that gives you an idea of the skill it took to carve this image. Intaglio refers to the carving of the image into the stone. Technically Intaglio is carved into the cut flat surface and cameo is where the image is raised and the material is cut down around it. This "technology" was used historically with king's rings: a document would be sealed with wax and then the king would press his ring into
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