This is an old Vintage Victorian era or maybe as late as the end of the Art Nouveau period, nice sized sash brooch from old estate. It is dye-stamped brass with a gold wash that has patina on the front and its pristine bright gold wash on the inside back.
It is soldered together in 5 parts, not including the glass cab! The dye stamping created each part, which was then hand soldered. The quality of this piece is evident, even though it is fairly light weight. The turquoise glass cab is rounded meant to mimic persian turquoise, I would guess. The hinge is rudimentary but still works very well. There is a safety 'stop' that keeps the round, extended clasp from opening too far.
The scroll work is lovely, it looks as though there was a lacquer laid on the outer part to mute the brightness of the gold. I am no expert. It is pretty and the glass cab is a very nice color.
It is big approx.1 5/8" by 1 1/3" and has a 9mm center turquoise glass cabochon stone set with a raised pointed (like teeth) setting soldered to the piece. Looks like a non-descript bug / flying insect. The border is soldered on and is twisted perfectly round. The hinge is attached to the clasp portion, which is an inner round circle blended with an elliptical that extends out from the bottom. Reminds me of Art Deco look, but seems earlier. I am unsure.
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