Vintage Art Vase, France, Street Urinal, Pissoir, Humor

Vintage Art Vase, France, Street Urinal, Pissoir

Outdoor public toilets (in the street, around parks, etc.) are a form of street furniture. In Paris, they seemed to have eliminated the old pissoirs (free) w you could see feet and head of the person using it. I understand that at some time, Paris got the bistro and restaurant owners to agree to non-customers using their loos so that the city didn't have to provide
pay toilets. These street urinals are known as pissoirs after the French term.

This is a great vintage art vase of an old Paris pissoir. Incised into the bottom of the vase is "Made in France". The vase is ceramic and has a round base with a diameter of 7". Two 3 D trees that stand alone are to either side of the pissoir. Two gentlemen are using the facilities. In the center, a small cylindrical vase would hold short flowers or pencils. This area is 4 3/4" tall with a 2 1/4" diameter. The overall dimensions are roughly 6" tall (including the height of the trees) by 7" across.

We purchased this great art vase from a collectibles dealer and have had a lot of fun with it. A great piece of art with a lot of humor.

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