Vintage Automatic Electric Starlite Wall phone white 1970s Rotary Dial

Exact item shown. Automatic Electric Starlight rotary dial wall phone. The red/green wires are connected (you can see a green wire poking out on the last photo) so you will know how to connect it - I must have had this hooked up in my garage or kitchen at one time, I just don't remember - I'm getting rid of items in my garage that I don't need any more.

This phone must be one of the Starlight phones that General Telephone rebuilt without the glowing dial and repainted, as I recall, they did this as the phone companies were getting out of the business of renting the instruments. This one shows areas where the white paint has worn through showing the yellow plastic body of the original phone. The cord is a genuine long coily white cord.

I do not have the ability to support dial phones on my current phone line, so I cannot test this one. Dial operates smoothly, so I think everything is probably OK.