Vintage Automotive Enco Metal Oil Can Top Gone Graphics Very Great Will Clean Up

Condition as pictured, not bad as all. No reserve

Enco was a secondary retail brand name for products of Humble Oil , (now part of ExxonMobil ) in certain parts of the United States from 1960 to 1973. It was used on filling stations operated by Humble in states where they were not permitted to use the Esso brand under conditions set by the court-ordered breakup of Standard Oil in 1911.

Because Humble Oil was not the first to register "Enco" in all 50 states, it was forced to drop the name in deference to Earl Nunneley Company (AKA "ENCO") of Texas.

Founder Earl Nunneley's famous quote on the name dispute was "It cost Humble more money to change all of their stationery letterheads than it would have if they'd simply bought my firm."

The Enco brand first appeared on gasoline and motor oil products of Jersey Standard affiliates, including Carter Oil in the Northwestern U.S., as well as Pate Oil and Oklahoma Oil in the Midwest during the summer and fall of 1960, shortly after the parent company reorganized all its domestic marketing and refining operations to former Texas-based subsidiary Humble Oil and Refining Company. In 1961, the Enco brand was introduced at Humble stations in Oklahoma, New Mexico and Arizona - both for the stations and gasoline/oil products, as was the case in California and some other
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