vintage B&B Mfg Co. 1940 pressed steel "Long Tom toy Cannon", shoots marbles

This vintage Metal Toy Cannon was built by the B & B Manufacturing Company. It's the Betts & Boddel manufacturer Co. of Michigan. I have seen but only one other of these cannons before, so I have little information to offer. This would be a working toy that fires projectiles, mainly marble and steel ball bearings. The 3 lb. 7.1 oz. all-steel cannon showcases an impressive 12-1/4" barrel that rests in a 9" two-way rotating steel base (total length of cannon is 13-1/3"). The cannon is sighted by cranking the wheel on the side to rotate the cannon on its base, and by cranking the rear wheel to raise and lower the barrel.The rear elevation wheel is missing but the gears are fine. The cannon loads by cocking back the pin at the bottom tip of the barrel and locking it in place by pulling back the spring-loaded pin at the base of the barrel. HOWEVER THIS SPRING LOADED PIN IS MISSING. It looks like something that wouldn't be to difficult to duplicate. However, the main spring is present. The cannon fires by depressing the rear pin. The cannon will send a 0.5 oz. bearing approximately 7 feet!!! One thing's for sure - you wouldn't be able to buy a toy like this nowadays!