Vintage Babushka Nesting Dolls Hanukkah Dreidels Russia

Unique Vintage Babushka / Nesting Dolls Hanukkah Dreidels, Russia, 20th Century, Judaica
Unique vintage Babushka Hanukkah dreidels, Russia, 20th century, Judaica.
Comprising of three dreidels while the smaller dereidels are stacked within the bigger ones.
Each dreidel is beautifully hand painted with the Hebrew letters "Nun", "Gimel", "Hey" and "Shin" which stands for "Nes Gadol Haya Sham" (A great miracle took place t
Each handle is beautifully designed as an old Russian woman - a Babushka.
Matryoshka, Russian wooden dreidels with smaller dreidels stacked within the bigger ones (as nesting dolls ).
An attractive piece which is an absolute must for any serious collector.
A superb Judaica, Jewish, Hebrew, Israel item.
Highly sought after by collectors.

The pictures do not do justice to this magnificent item
Measurements : Marks : Biggest (Height): 15.5cm. / 6.1in.
Medium (Height): 11cm. / 4.3in.
Smallest (Height): 5.7cm. / 2.24in.
1 inch = 2.54cm Apparently unmarked. Weight : Condition : Total: 94gr. / 3oz.
1 troy oz. = 31.1 gr. Very good, normal wear and tear. Contact Us : We are for you with any question or request you may have.
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