Vintage Baby Carriage - South Bend Toy Mfg. Co., Ind.

THIS IS IN GREAT SHAPE ! However, it is not still perfect. T is a hole in the hood on one of the rungs (in the corner). And some of the finish of the canvas cloth material is missing in little places, but that is normal wear and tear of this piece. It was used by a girl in a family and when she grew up it was stored away. The handles on the hood are still intact. The little coverlet for the buggy is hanging on the handle in the first photo. The buggy bed is about two feet long and over a foot wide, and overall, it is close to three feet long. And it still folds up just fine, as I show in photo three. The label on the side of the metal frame reads "South Bend Toy MFG. Co., South Bend, IND."

Thanks for looking!