Vintage Bachmann Bros. Plasticville U.S.A. Barn & Animal Unit BA-7

Vintage Bachmann Bros. Farm, Barn and Animal Unit BA-7

Units are built to scale for miniature railroads.

These belong to my husband, he had an O scale American Flyer

Included are: Barn, silo, fences, 1 maple tree, 4 pigs, 4 sheep,3 painted cows, 3 solid colored cows, 3 solid color horses & 1 outhouse.

Barn in good condition, no cracks, chips or glued peices. The roof appears to be made up of two left sides (see top view photo) but it looks and fits ok.

Animals are in good condition, no broken legs, one cow may have horns broken off.

The base of the maple tree trunk has chunk broken out, but still holds the tree straight.

Fence has several chips and broken rail.

Outhouse is yellowed.

Original box is in fair condition, musty odor, Corners taped, several bumps, scrapes and 1 small stain.and price on top is smudged