is another treasures I have found over the last few months - a nice vintage 4 string banjo from 'Bacon Banjo Company.


is a great find! According to the web site I found (provides a summary of Bacon serial numbers) this is a late 1920's - early 1930's 4 sting tenor Bacon Banjo - inside it is stamped with the numbers '20802' and the piece in the middle is stamped 'Made By The Bacon Banjo Company, Inc Groton, Conn U.S.A.' This is another Banjo that I got from a guy who has been playing Banjos all his life and he is in his late eighties and he got this from one of his old buddies that no longer plays. This is how I got it - t is no damage and looks like it has some normal ware. I didn't try to tune it as I don't know how and didn't want to fiddle with it. The guy told me that Bacon was one of the best maker of Banjo back then.

I think that the resonator is brass and has a few tiny dings but it looks good and would look great all cleaned up. I removed the resonator and the piece w the screw goes into so that I could get a good picture of the Bacon Company stamp - see pictures - also have a picture of the Serial # 20802. see pictures.

See the wonderful woodwork and the detailed metal scrolling.

I do not have a case for this Banjo - but it will be packed very well to ensure that it
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