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This is a an older vintage highly collectible High School ring (ring *made anyw from 1913 to 1944 with later date given mark of 1958 added). Could be for lady or man. Made of rose solid 10K gold with a very unique faceted rectangle cut lab created emerald stone of 11.25 mm by 7 mm in size.(The older lab created are highly collectible and originated from genuine stone of the beryl group) Ring is hallmarked: "10K" with pre-1944 mark of Lloyd Garfield Balfour of Attleboro MA (USA), Established in 1913. *Lloyd designed a few varieties of this pattern in early 1900's and made numerous ot these deisgns, primarily though out the 1920's and some up to 1944. ** Though date given gift mark (award gift mark) was done in the year 1958 which company yeilded much of his older stock and engraved on Lloyd's pre-1944 designs during the '50's. Ring was made anyw between 1913 to 1944 as marks prove. It's smith workman ship, looks more pre-1930's and likely made during the 1920's based on this type of older stone cutting. He was established as Baufour, L.G in 1913 . Much of the date given marks were later added when the company became Baufour, L.G. Our family collected much of Lloyd's pieces. We had date gift marks of 1920's with the LBG marks of this exact pattern. Ring has very impressive

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