Vintage Bali Indonesia Hand Carved Wood Bell

This bell is number 405 of the nearly 1,000 bell collection of New Mexico matriarch, Lillian Yrisarri de Livingston, great-granddaughter of Don Francisco Xavier Chavez, the first governor of New Mexico when the territory came under Mexican rule in 1822. Lillian collected her bells from 1943 to her death in 1957. For the past fifty years her bells sat undisturbed and forgotten in storage. She kept an accurate ledger detailing each of the bells and a copy of the respective journal entry will come with this bell. Many of the bells have been lost to the elements and some have completely disappeared.

Her journal describes this bell as follows: "Hand carved bells, Bali-Indonesia, bell at each end & handle in the middle to hold it or ring it by, two straight wooden clappers in each bell, dark wood, hard, brown, eleven " long. This bell called Bentawas Wood Rattler used in Bali to scare monkeys away from homes."

"Since the supply of metal is limited in Bali , the majority of animal bells are made of wood. To announce the beginning of a festival, huge bells sometimes measuring three feet long and two feet high, are hung on the necks of bulls. The bulls are then turned loose and chased by the youngsters through the streets. Wooden bells are always used on cows in the rice fields. These bells are excellent for
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