Vintage Bandai Popy Godaikin Dyjupiter Dynaman Chogokin Sentai Japan Robot Ship

This is that awesome super gift to use that Christmas money for! You are bidding or buying one Bandai Popy Godaikin 1984 DX (large) Godaikin Dynaman Dyjupiter, fresh from the shippers case. This came from a 30 year old full factory case of 6 Dyjupiters that all except 1 was still factory sealed and 1 was opened for inspection. As you can see this is one of the Dyjupiters that is still factory sealed, which means it is mint and new, and of course 100% complete. The 30 year old factory tape is beginning to separate and split, but it is still attached so far, and holding the seal. I will apologize now if it pops open during shipping, and I will try to protect it as much as possible so you the buyer have the joy of unsealing this mint Dyjupiter. Since it is new, it comes with of course a nice minty original box and inside should be a minty catalog, instructions, and a factory sealed bag with the missiles and chrome antennas. I have posted a picture of the one I am keeping with shown contents of what a new one comes with, along with pictures of the total case lot (pictures 9-12). This ones box is in mint condition but may have just a few scuffs from 30 years of storage. Even when I unsealed mine, I still had to clean some age dust and spots off, so this may need the same. What fun this would be to that robot or chogokin collector to receive ... read more